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Digital Signage

KLER has created a digital signage offering for cannabis dispensaries to enhance the customer experience.

Featuring an easy to use wizard to simply build your menus, add and remove products on the fly, change prices, and make speedy inventory updates.

KLER Digital Signage Features

Draw Attention to Your Menu Displays

With digital display solutions, dispensaries can improve a customer’s entire shopping journey from capturing attraction to providing real-time promotion. This new technology will enhance customer satisfaction bringing them back to the store for future shopping.

Customize your menu background, sort your product groups in any manner you desire, add your logo, as well as any other information you would like to see on your displays in your dispensary lobby.

The digital signage isn’t limited to products, you can display product images, logos, and other information.

Signage Sample

Experience the Power of KLER CBD and THC

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