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Grow and Harvest

It all starts with a seed…

Understanding that cannabis grow operations come in all shapes, sizes, and methodology, KLER was designed to help any size operation manage and maintain all aspects of their operation from seed-to-sale.

KLER Plant Management

Plant Management

Tracking – The ability to track by individual plant. Unique ID’s re created to track location movements, plant dates, harvest dates, strain type, etc.

Location – Custom area designation allows you to know where your plants are. The rooms/areas in a grow facility were carefully designed with purpose and reason; use this same care when setting up your management system.

Movement – As your plants mature through their stages of life, they move from various care areas. KLER will help keep track of every movement from seedling to cured flower.

Comprehensive Expense Management

From nutrients to labor, there are many costs associated with growing cannabis. Track all of the costs associated with each plant as it journeys from seedling to budded flower.

Whether you are tracking the cost of consumables, labor, or utilities, all aspects of expense related to the growth of a plant can be directly related back to that original plant and the final produced flower.

KLER Expense Management

Arizona Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Regulation of cannabis looks very different in every regulated market. KLER works with all regulatory committees and government agencies to insure that all transactions occurring are compliant and tracked accordingly. Feel confident knowing that KLER can recall all of your data and transactions for analysis and inspection. KLER keeps you compliant and tracks every plant and its movement from seed-to-sale.

Arizona Compliance Featured (left)

Know, Act, and Predict

Being proactive is better than being reactive…but we have to start somewhere. As we schedule, inspect, and document the growth of our plants, we will encounter bumps and bruises along the way. KLER collects unlimited amounts of data and allows you to create reports and dashboards to display the results of your labor. Use your data to become a proactive grower and spend less time reacting.

KLER Reporting

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