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Powerful Cannabusiness Management Software

Our state of the art cannabis management software will upgrade your total business model. WeedWare can control your entire organization with streamlined business processes and integrated business intelligence that creates operational efficiencies, reduces costs and drives revenue “ all in one affordable, scalable ERP software solution.

WeedWare Core Features

Simplify Your Work Life With A SaaS Business System

WeedWare has integrated best practices including manufacturing, as well as procurement, sales and staff management, while also leveraging advice from our Cannabis industry partners.
We have solved the largest pain points of competing systems making sure we provide a true 2nd generation Seed-to-Sale ERP system to a market in need.


Point of Sale (POS)

Purpose-built POS system combined with world-class interface design provides a smooth, effortless sales process.


Manage the workflow of your plants from Seed-to-Sale including expense tracking, inspections, movement tracking and so much more.


Control sales, prepare distribution and manage transportation of your organization's inventory.


3-way, mirrored backup stores copies of the database in 2 separate physical locations. 


Reporting & Data

Custom analytics based on your business to build budgets, create forecasts and manage projects.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Complete visibility into operations allows effective management of the product lifecycle.