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Toll Processing Management

Understanding that hemp operations come in all shapes and sizes, KLER was designed to help any size operation manage and maintain all aspects of their business.

KLER CBD tracks every component in our Toll Processing solution so nothing is wasted. Manage extraction of CBD oils, production of CBD infused food and beverages, and exploit the zero-waste potential of hemp.

KLER takes the pain out of hemp processing and manages your compliance data throughout the process. Optional inventory management and bill of materials cost tracking adds increased operational visibility. Each product received or created gets a unique barcode identifier following it through the production process.

All compliance data carries from raw materials to finished product reducing mistakes and further reduces workload. Easily print invoices and shipping manifests when you are ready to ship.


Production with Biomass in Mind

With product manufacturing you are primarily creating product based on demand. With Biomass there is a continual production of all Biomass based on availability of supply. KLER easily handles this supply based production and even forecasts the products produced based on previous production.

Beyond Biomass

Whether you process in-house or contract out, KLER provides the tracking you require to manage every phase of your manufacturing operation. Create finished edibles, cartridges, capsules, lotions, and more with raw material tracking and cost accountability. Manage production efficiencies and drive profitability throughout your business.

Test Results Tracking

KLER not only tracks testing results for compliance, but engrains these results throughout the harvest and production process for best in class operational visibility. KLER provides testing visibility right from the start with Seed or Clone testing comparisons to true harvest results. Compare raw CBD concentrate processing results to incoming Biomass to find your most profitable strains for production. Stop guessing and start managing your business.

Harvest Built for Hemp

KLER CBD meets the needs of the Hemp industry. From tracking seed or clone test results, harvest costs, and giving the flexibility to track by plant or plot of land.

Production with Biomass in Mind

Whether you process in-house or contract out, KLER provides the tracking you need. View production efficiencies and side by side comparisons of incoming and outgoing test results.

Dashboards Custom Built for CBD Hemp

Track average biomass per acre, costs per acre, cost per kg, and even the distribution of these costs. Custom built dashboards provide operational visibility at the touch of a button.

Experience the Power of KLER CBD and THC

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